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    JMCE bv

    Maritime and Industrial Services.

    Plant maintenance is the main activity for JMCE.

    We profide our services for maritime and industrial installations. From recycling plants to the food industry. From daily maintenance to crane overhauls, from bearing maintenance to new building projects.

    Team playing is our strong asset. Problem solving skills and knowledge allows us to repair failures effectively, good preparation allows us to deal with stops or turnarounds quickly and correctly.

    Our hands-on mentality gets things done.
    That’s why we are able to get the jobs ready within the timetable or to reduce this timetable. In the offshore world we reached significant less downtime for our clients. Our engineers are available 24/7. Our flexible team flies in worldwide, depending on size and available time.

    JMCE bv is VCA** safety certified.

    JMCE bv shall endeavour in contracts according to the Metaalunievoorwaarden and for Maritime Activities under the General Terms and Conditions of Windfall marine.

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    VCA Nederlands Certificatie Kantoor (NCK)
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